Five Tips for SheNote Perfection

For SheNote Speaker we are hoping to boost the visibility of women experts in three related areas of research, Cardiology, Respiratory and Vascular science. We’ve had a good number of sign-ups now and are nearly ready to release the lists into the wild, but before we do, here are our top tips for maximising its impact.

  1. Please share with all the women experts in your circle and beyond, we’d love this to be a useful community resource. We’re also actively promoting it with our contacts, societies and charities and will be at meetings.
  2. You can only nominate yourself and we check that you’re happy with this with a quick email of confirmation.
  3. Fill in as much of the form as you can, particularly with respect to your expertise. The more key words, the more detail of your research interests, the easier it will be for people to find you. It also will improve the relevance of the contact.
  4. We’re not storing emails in the list and making them public – this is a condition of our hosting and hopefully cuts down on spam you might receive otherwise. As such it is really important that the website you provide gives some means for conference conveners, editors or potential collaborators to contact you.
  5. You may want to consider getting an ORCID account. There are lots of places you can store lists of your publications, but ORCID is doing a good job of providing a truly unique identifier and is starting to be supported by a number of publishers and institutions. Here’s mine as an example. If you don’t have an institutional webpage that highlights your publications, it can take on that role.

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