Resources – other disciplines

Many different disciplines now have their own lists. This one was inspired by Dr Elisabeth Bik who put together and maintains a Microbiome list. For other lists from other disciplines please see below. If you have created your own list and would like it to be added, know of those we have missed, or notice any broken links please email and let us know.

Discipline or FocusManaged by (to best of our knowledge)Twitter
Canadian Expert WomenInformed Opinions
Cell BiologyAmerican Society for Cell Biology
Ecology and Evolutionary BiologyDr Meghan Duffy@duffy_ma
Engineering/Synthetic BiologyEngineering Biology Research Consortium
Evolution and Behaviour
Experimental Physical ChemistryNancy Levinger, Colorado State
Fruit Breeding
Fungi and Oomycetes
Genomics, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
Life SciencesEMBO
Methods and Practices in Psychology
MicrobiomeDr Elisabeth Bik@MicrobiomDigest
NeuroscienceDr Anne Churchland (currently Dr Jenny Brown)
PhysicsAmerican Physical Society
Political ScienceUniversity of Arizona School of Government & Public Policy
Soil ScienceDr Fransciska Devries@frantecol
Theoretical/computational chemistry, material science and biochemistry